Basic Web Hosting Categories

Almost all individuals and organizations access their websites via world wide web (www). These websites become accessible for World Wide Web only when they are hosted/saved on a web server. 

So if you want to make a website, you must have web hosting space where you can save/host that website. There are different types of web hosting services. I will give you very basic tips about each category.

What Makes Dedicated Web Hosting Different From Shared Web Hosting?

Selection of web hosting remains the most difficult job after selecting the design of a business website. Definitely, there are many options but shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services are more reasonable.

These two types have the ability to provide you all that you need.You should know the difference between dedicated and shared web hosting before you select any of the two. In this article, I would bring into light the between these two.

Improve Your Knowledge About Web Hosting Instead of Dumping Your Money to a Scam Web Host

Why We Need A Web Host?
Web hosting is an essential element for the publication of a website on internet. In other words web hosting means space on a web server for the a new website on internet. 

You can not provide access to the visitors of your website without having any web host service. It is just like a hard drive where you can store all your files, documents, images and other database for your website.

What Does A Web Hosting Service Provider Do?

First of all you should know, what is a web hosting service? Web hosting is a service, which provides web space for web sites related to a person or an organization. Now a day, web hosting service providers offers many other services besides renting out space on their servers. Here is a breif description of what modern web hosting service providers  are doing now a day.

Five Questions About Web Hosting That May Confuse Even Experts

  1. What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting can be defined simply as a service, which is used to publish websites on internet. These websites consist of files/pages, which are interlinked through HTML code. If you want to publish a website, you need to buy space on a web server. Server is a computer set up, which not only shows your web site on internet but also creates your email based on your domain name. If you don’t buy space on a server, you can’t get any web hosting. However, before you buy any web hosting space, you must know types of web hosting available in the market.